Jan 1, 2019

New Years Day Ahoy!!

Wow! I can't believe it is yet another New year, which is another year to start fresh! I can't believe how far we have come already, it is amazing how many of you are still with me on this journey.
Just to remind you guys, again, I'm officially on Blogger now. I'm not using the other blog so do not refer to the old one anymore if it is still out there because I thought I took it down but maybe I did not..?
Anyways, I am so grateful for those who supported me this far, so definitely stay tuned for more stuff now here's a story for this new year!!

Dec 23, 2018

Holiday Seasons Greetings!

Well, isn't it a great time to say hello again, huh?
It sure is for me... Because the holidays are here! It's cold, wintery, and definitely looking like Christmas every where I turn!!
This year will be like any other.. Christmas at home and New year's a rush!! What will yours look like?
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Nov 22, 2018

Which one are you?

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. -Michael Jordan

Nov 21, 2018

A Quick Word From the Editor

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Hey guys! Just wanted to quickly say thank you for following me on social media and supporting me endlessly. It is so cool of you guys! There have been ups as there have been downs. But nothing would be as successful as where we are today without each and every one of you. Yes, you too, haters! Cause the supporters make me strong but my haters make me stronger! - Cardi B

Anyhew, some major updates are to follow early next year, but for now, let us keep spreading the word with what we have so far! 😀

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Oct 4, 2018

Welcome Back, Folks!

Here it is, y'all! You've all waited long enough, and this is the big moment!

djMigD.com is ALIVE!!

I cannot even start to say how proud I am right now, of far DJ MigD Productions has come! Honestly, I couldn't have done it without all of your support! Thank you to those whom have supported me since day one. Thank you to those who had faith in me even when it seemed it was impossible. Most of all, thank you to all those who have doubted me, because without a little haste, there wouldn't be what we have today!

So enjoy it here! Get lost in my life, the funnies, the sad times, the awkward times. Feel free to be yourselves! Just keep it clean please!

- DJ MigD -

Sep 13, 2018

The Knight in Shining Armour

The Knight in Shining Armour

It looks like ya girl, MigD, is on the school newspaper! If you know me, then it shouldn’t be a surprise to you. But if you don’t know me, then this is probably your best bet at getting to know me better.

Aha! That's right! The Knight of Queens College is proud to have DJ MigD on it's board and even though I won't be writing for them a whole lot, I am always behind the scenes getting the scoop! No newspaper role is more important than one another!

It's a team effort!

Aug 29, 2018

Woo, First Day of Classes

Woo, First Day of Classes!

Well, it’s finally here! The first day of classes! I never thought I’d be so excited for the first day of classes in college, but I like to keep a positive mindset. My schedule kinda goes something like this:

SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology
MON/WED 9:15-10:30

ANTH 102 – Introduction to Human Evolution
TUES/THURS 9:15-10:30

HIST 104 – American History 1815-Present Day
TUES/THURS 1:40-2:50

CSCI 212 – Introduction to Computers and Computation
MON/WED 11:15-12:00

CSCI 212 Lab – CSC1 12 Extension
MON/WED 2:45-3:30

Honestly, it doesn’t look like much, but in terms of credit count (amount/number of credits needed to graduate) it actually weighs a decent amount.

Hey, if you have an interesting schedule, send it in for a chance to enter our year-end raffle!